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Printmaking with Keiko Peek


Join local artist & all-round awesome lady, Keiko Peek at Zig Zag for an evening spent learning the art of linocut printmaking.  Participants will begin by learning what makes an ideal image for printing-- using positive and negative space.  We will then use linoleum & blades to cut images to print— making plates, multiple images.

This mini-workshop for adults is taught by Keiko Peek, artist and art educator in LIttle Rock at Bale Elementary.  Her own work is both whimsical and lovely. She approaches art & life with humor. This class is going to be FUN!  BYO adult bevs.

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6:30 PM18:30

Image Transfer with Margo Duvall


Learn how to transfer images to a variety of mixed media material including wood, metal, paper, canvas, etc. This experimental workshop will introduce you to techniques that apply images onto various surfaces to make unique, one-of-a-kind art objects. We’ll go over different transfer methods, and experiment with collaging, painting, and layering multiple images to create more complex pieces of art. This workshop is perfect for people that like to be hands- on and adventurous in their creative process. No experience needed— just curiosity!

Supply List: We’ll be providing most of the materials to do the transfer processes, but you’ll want to bring some photos of your own and maybe a few materials to work with. Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

  • Photocopies of images you want to transfer. Xerox copies work better than inkjet prints. Think about the size you want. We will provide 6 x 6” wood blocks, but you may want something bigger or smaller. These can be photos you’ve taken, old family photos, pages from books, maps, anything really. ***If you want the text to be legible, you’ll want to reverse the image before you print it. Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Scrap material to transfer your images to: Hardwood, Metal pieces, Fabric, Paper. Basically, we can try anything. From my experience, smoother surfaces work better than rough ones. It allows the image to go on cleaner and stick better.

  • Paint or collage materials. Acrylic or water based works best. Pencils, Pens, Watercolors, magazines, anything you want to play with. It’s totally up to you and your creative vision! Zig Zag will have supplies on-hand, but if you have a specific brand or type you’re fond of, please bring.

  • Apron (just in case)

Margo Duvall is an artist and professor living in Little Rock. She teaches Photography at Henderson State University. Her work explores a variety of techniques including alternative and modern processes of image transfer, cyanotype and mixed mediums. Her current work explores the impact of family photographs and memory on the interior development of self. Through the use of mix media, she extends the traditional photograph into an ethereal element and creates an environment for viewers to experience their own relationships to self and memory.

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to Jan 3

Fort Camp with Kaleidokids


Zig Zag is pumped to bring our awesome kid-art neighbors from Russellville, Kaleidokids, to Little Rock for FORT CAMP! This is an exciting workshop where creative kiddos learn how to build their very own fort using popsicle sticks. Participants in this workshop will learn to make strong, sturdy structures— their own miniature forts with imaginary characters. The camp will culminate in an epic BATTLE between forts - nerf guns provided!

9AM-3PM Thursday, January 2 & Friday, January 3

”One of our brand new and favorite camps EVER, Fort Camp was a major hit at our studio this summer and we are so excited to be bringing it to Little Rock for the winter!” -Kaleidokids

*Each camper should bring their own lunch, drink & snacks.

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to Jul 16

Printmaking Workshop for Kids

Printmaking Workshop for Kids with Keiko Peek


July 15 & 16 | 9AM-11AM

Students ages 9 and up will spend 2 mornings in the studio learning the art of linocut printmaking.  Participants will begin by learning what makes an ideal image for printing-- using positive and negative space.  Students will then use linoleum blades*, cutting images to print-- making two plates— printing multiple images.

Keiko Peek is an artist and art educator in the LIttle Rock schools (Bale Elementary).  Her own work is both whimsical and lovely. She approaches art & life with humor. This class is going to be FUN!  

Tuition $65  

*Parents, please be aware that cutting linoleum involves sharp tools-- students will be well supervised and should work with caution.  

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7:30 PM19:30

Macrame with Hannah Lawrence of Strand Textiles

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 2.17.22 PM.png

Join local textile artist, Hannah Genevieve Lawrence, to create your own macrame wall hanging. In this beginner class, Hannah will go over the basics of macrame and teach two different knot styles to get you going. Students will create their own unique wall hanging, approximately 9” x 30”. Use your new-found macrame skills to amaze your friends with special handmade gifts!

Materials Fee includes: Macrame cord, a wooden dowel rod, and both primary colored and unpainted wooden beads. 

If you want a different look you can bring a thin copper pipe or a thin branch to hang your piece from!

$45 per person

Spaces are limited; online registration & payment are required to reserve your spot.

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